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My Journey in Logistics: Expert Insights from Amy Gerdes, Director of Business Development at Kirsch Transportation

In the no-nonsense world of logistics, where every minute and every decision counts, let me introduce myself—I’m Amy Gerdes. With two decades under my belt, I stand at the helm of business development at Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc. My gig? It’s all about keeping us on the fast track, making sure we don’t just keep up but set the pace in this cutthroat industry. Here’s a bit of my story and a dive into the nitty-gritty of logistics and transportation, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Role and Responsibilities as a Director of Business Development

I’ve been in the trenches of Kirsch Transportation’s sales department, hitting the 21-year mark in the logistics game. My job? It’s way more than just peddling services; I’m the glue in maintaining our client relationships and the force behind scouting and sealing new deals. My strategy? A mix of good old face-to-face, playing the digital game smart, and networking like a boss to widen our circle.

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A Day in the Life of a Logistics Professional

My days are a whirlwind of market analysis, touching base with clients, and strategic planning. Keeping my finger on the pulse of the latest trends and news is job one. I’m all in when it comes to meeting customer needs, ironing out service kinks, and building bridges with clients, both old and new.

“My job? It’s way more than just peddling services; I’m the glue in maintaining our client relationships and the force behind scouting and sealing new deals.”

Technological Evolution in Logistics

Kicking off my logistics journey in 2003, I’ve seen firsthand the tech revolution in our field. The roll-out of electronic logging devices and the leaps in transportation management systems have been game-changers, making the whole freight booking and tracking saga a lot smoother and more transparent.

Career Milestones in Transportation

I’ve worn a few hats in this industry, from managing fleets to directing outbound transportation in the e-commerce sphere. These stints have given me a 360 view of logistics, packing my toolkit with priceless insights and skills.

Future Outlook and Predictions

Looking down the road, I’m bracing for the usual ups and downs of the supply chain. Despite the bumps, I’m banking on a market bounce-back, especially in the latter half of 2024. My forecasts are built on a solid grasp of market trends and industry currents.

Overcoming Professional Challenges

Facing the fear of rejection has been a major hurdle. But, getting comfortable with meaningful chit-chat, I’ve learned that sticking to it with a can-do attitude is key in the competitive field of logistics.

Lessons from Sales and Business Development

Shifting gears into Sales and Business Development was a big move for me, stepping out from the operational safe zone. This ride has been a journey of self-discovery, sharpening my skills in reading customer vibes and learning the golden rule—listen more, talk less.

Expanding Knowledge in Flatbed Logistics

Even with years in the game, I’m always hitting the books, lately getting into the specifics of flatbed logistics. It’s all about staying on your toes and being ready to adapt.

The Importance of Experience, Adaptability, and Continuous Learning

My trek through the logistics landscape highlights how crucial experience, flexibility, and never-ending learning are. These lessons aren’t just my takeaways but also pointers for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of this sector.

Learn More About A Career in Logistics

For those drawn to the fast-paced logistics arena and keen on opportunities at Kirsch Transportation, I say, get in touch. Join a crew that’s all about pushing the envelope, led by seasoned pros like me.

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Author Spotlight

Amy Gerdes

Amy Gerdes is the Director of Business Development at Kirsch Transportation, with over two decades of experience in the logistics industry. Her career spans a variety of roles, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to excellence. Amy's expertise lies in developing strategic relationships, understanding market dynamics, and embracing technological advancements to drive growth. Outside of work, she's passionate about continuous learning and exploring the intricacies of logistics challenges. Connect with Amy to learn more about her insights and the exciting opportunities in logistics.

Fast Facts

Amy Gerdes
Director of Business Development at Kirsch Transportation
Industry for
20 years
Outside of my professional life, I cherish the moments I spend with my family. I’m often found playing the role of the dedicated chauffeur, shuttling my two children to their various sports activities. When I’m not on the move, I immerse myself in the pages of a good book, find tranquility through yoga, and rejuvenate my spirit with walks and hikes in the great outdoors.