Our Story

Connecting America
for the Long Haul

Proudly Linking America Together for Over 20 Years

At Kirsch Transportation, we have a rich heritage in the transportation industry that spans five generations. Logistics is not just a business to us; it’s our passion.

Our Mission

Who We Are

Kirsch has a deep understanding of the industry, an extensive network of contacts, and the experience to tackle any logistics challenge. We were founded in 2001, building upon the Kirsch family’s long-standing presence in logistics and earning the trust of several Fortune 200 companies.

24/7/365 Dedication

We are committed to providing round-the-clock customer support to our shippers and carriers, ensuring their needs are met at all times.

Our Modest Start

We Are Industry Leaders, Defined by Our Experience and Commitment

Our journey began on April 1, 2001, when Camilla and her son Matthew launched Kirsch Transportation from their home-based office. Leveraging their knowledge and industry connections, they made their first dollar on the very first day of operations. Despite the challenges faced, including the aftermath of September 11th, Kirsch persevered and continues to grow today.

Uniting Your Shipping Demands
with Versatile Options at Kirsch

At Kirsch, connection is at the heart of everything we do. We leverage our resources to bridge the gap between your shipping needs and a wide range of diversified solutions.


Kirsch takes pride in being a woman-owned business. Our Co-founder and CEO, Camilla Moore-Kirsch, established Kirsch Transportation Services in 2001, utilizing her industry connections and extensive logistics knowledge.

Invested in Our Community

We believe in giving back to the community that has supported us. Supporting and contributing to our community is an integral part of who we are.

Culture-Driven Service

Our small customer-based teams provide personalized service, ensuring that your freight is handled by individuals who know and understand your unique requirements, 24/7/365.


We are here for you whenever you need us. Our extensive coverage ensures that we can support your shipping needs efficiently and effectively.

Multiple Customer Awards

Our commitment to exceptional service has been recognized through multiple customer awards. References are available to hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Various TMS Platforms

Our team of experts is well-versed in multiple Transportation Management Systems (TMS), allowing us to adapt and provide tailored solutions using the platforms that best meet your needs.