Open Deck

Delivering Excellence in Open Deck Transportation

Crafted Over Five Generations of Expertise

Kirsch stands as a beacon of expertise in open deck freight transportation. We’ve meticulously refined our processes, ensuring each client enjoys a seamless and efficient experience. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you to the ideal open deck equipment, ensuring timely and secure deliveries. From Flatbed to Heavy Haul services, we embody precision and reliability.
Customized Solutions
Our skilled team guides you in selecting the perfect open deck equipment, whether it's Flatbed, RGN, StepDeck, Over Dimensional, or Heavy Haul.
Kirsch has a diverse range of services, we tailor our solutions to your specific cargo needs, ensuring optimal transport conditions every time.
Generations of Expertise
With five generations of experience in open deck transportation, Kirsch has honed a seamless and efficient process for our clients.
Kirsch's legacy of knowledge means we’ve witnessed and adapted to industry changes, positioning us as a trusted leader in the field.
Timely and Secure Deliveries
We ensure each TWIC-certified driver is fully equipped with the necessary chains, tarps, permits, and escorts, minimizing delays and maximizing security.

Our proactive approach is for each shipment to reach its destination on time and in pristine condition.

Benefits of Kirsch's Open Deck Transportation Services

Tailored Solutions:

Our dedicated team offers guidance in choosing the ideal open deck equipment tailored to your freight, be it Flatbed, RGN, StepDeck, Over Dimensional, or Heavy Haul.


Our vast experience has positioned us as a trusted leader, adapting and evolving with industry changes.

Proactive Management:

Our proactive approach ensures each shipment is equipped for timely delivery. With TWIC-certified drivers and all necessary equipment in hand, we promise punctuality without compromising the shipment's condition.


Prioritizing security, our drivers come prepared with the necessary chains, tarps, permits, and escorts. This meticulous preparation ensures minimal delays and an uncompromised transport process.

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