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Driving Success in Logistics: Insights from Shauna Morfeld

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In the fast-paced world of logistics, where every decision can make or break the supply chain, let me introduce myself—I’m…

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Driving Success in Logistics: Insights from Shauna Morfeld

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where every decision can make or break the supply chain, let me introduce myself—I’m Shauna Morfeld. With over two decades in the logistics industry, I currently lead the charge in business development at Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc. Here’s a bit about my journey and insights into the ever-evolving logistics landscape, straight from my experience.

As we delve deeper into the strategies behind driving success in logistics, it’s clear that innovation and effective leadership are paramount.

Role and Responsibilities as Director of Business Development

At Kirsch Transportation, my role encompasses more than just sales. With 20+ years in the logistics sector, I lead a team of Account Managers, each with 1 to 10+ years of supply chain experience. My mission is to ensure customer satisfaction and growth by coaching my team to develop business plans, strategies, and effective implementation for our existing customer base.

A Day in the Life of a Transportation Professional

My daily responsibilities involve strategic planning, customer interactions, and overseeing the implementation of logistics solutions. By fostering strong communication within the supply chain, I ensure that our team can react swiftly and efficiently to any challenges that arise. Whether it’s working with a Transportation Management System (TMS), coordinating with dispatchers and drivers, or managing inventory calculations, every connection is crucial to our success.

Technological Evolution

Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed significant changes in how communication impacts the supply chain. The integration of EDI, real-time tracking, and other technological advancements has streamlined operations but also highlighted the importance of maintaining personal connections. At Kirsch, we balance these advancements with a customer-centric approach, ensuring we remain responsive and reliable.

Career Milestones in Transportation

I’ve had the privilege of working with customers for a large asset provider, managing over-the-road and intermodal shipments. I’ve developed global training programs, held sales and operations positions for non-asset providers, and contributed to handling over 80,000 shipments annually. Additionally, I’ve created mentoring programs for women in the transportation industry and participated in numerous logistics conferences. On the academic front, I also teach adjunct logistics classes at the collegiate level.

Future Outlook and Predictions

Looking ahead, I predict a significant rise in women holding key roles within large corporations and small businesses in the logistics industry. The future is bright for women-owned trucking companies, and I’m excited to see more women getting a seat at the table and leading the way in this field.

Overcoming Professional Challenges

One of the major challenges I’ve faced is navigating the complexities of communication within the supply chain. By fostering strong relationships and maintaining clear, consistent communication channels, we’ve been able to overcome these hurdles and enhance our reaction times.

Lessons from Sales and Business Development

Transitioning into a leadership role in business development has been a journey of growth, both personally and professionally. It has sharpened my strategic thinking and reinforced the importance of continuous learning and adaptability.

The Importance of Experience, Adaptability, and Continuous Learning

My career in logistics has underscored the value of experience, adaptability, and lifelong learning. These principles are essential not just for personal growth but for anyone looking to thrive in this industry.

Learn More About a Career in Transportation

For those interested in the dynamic logistics sector and opportunities at Kirsch Transportation, I encourage you to reach out. Join a team that values innovation, diversity, and the expertise of seasoned professionals like myself.

Driving success in logistics involves more than just operational efficiency; it requires a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability in a rapidly changing industry.

Thank you for reading Driving Success in Logistics!

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