Nebraska Logistics Company: A Legacy of Excellence

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Our Heritage: A Five-Generation Journey in Logistics Embark on the story of Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc., a saga steeped in rich heritage and steadfast dedication. As a premier Nebraska Logistics Company, we’ve been the backbone of America’s transportation sector for many years. Our narrative is more than just about moving goods; it’s a legacy of […]

Transportation Companies That Haul Dry Goods

Companies that haul dry goods can play a crucial role in the logistics and supply chain industry. These companies, like Kirsch Transportation Services, provide vital services to ensure the efficient and reliable movement of dry goods across various regions. Understanding what dry goods are, why their transportation is essential, and how companies manage these logistics, […]

Omaha Logistics Companies: Simplifying Your Logistics

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Learn more about Omaha Logistics Companies. Specifically, one that is women-owned right here in the Midwest. Kirsch Transportation Services, a proud women-owned business, stands as a testament to the power of diversity and leadership in the logistics industry. Co-founder and CEO, Camilla Moore-Kirsch, established the company in 2001, capitalizing on her extensive logistics knowledge and […]

Supply Chain Now Podcast Features Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc. CFO

Supply Chain Now

Kirsch Transportation Services, Inc.’s CFO, Tom Comstock, was recently featured on the Supply Chain Now podcast, shedding light on the analysis of the U.S. Bank 2023 Freight Payment Index. This insightful podcast series, hosted by Scott Luton and Greg White, provides valuable industry insights, and the latest episode explores key findings from the freight payment […]