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Unlock Your Logistics Potential with Kirsch Transportation:

Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional
Service and Expert Solutions

Founded in 2001, Kirsch Transportation is a certified woman-owned and family-operated logistics company driven to discover solutions for every freight-related need. We take pride in effectively managing freight demands while providing an exceptional customer experience. Our commitment to excellence has earned us recognition and accolades in the industry.

How We Excel

Going Beyond with Our Depth of Knowledge

At Kirsch Transportation, we possess a deep understanding of what it takes to discover solutions. Solving freight industry challenges is at the core of our expertise and is what drives our continuous growth. Every customer we serve receives the following:

  • 24/7 customer service and operations support
  • Customized logistics solutions tailored to their unique requirements
  • Accurate and timely communication of load events
  • Customercentric metrics to ensure satisfaction


Kirsch Transportation is proud to be a certified woman-owned business, demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Award-Winning Broker

We are honored to have received two Broker of the Year Awards in 2022, showcasing our dedication to delivering outstanding service and performance.

Expertise in Hauling Various Commodities

At Kirsch Transportation, we specialize in transporting a diverse range of commodities– grocery products to oil/gas, among others. We also recognize and follow the unique requirements and regulations associated with these industries.

Versatile Fleet

We maintain a versatile fleet that includes open deck, van, and reefer trailers. This allows us to handle a wide variety of freight and cater to the specific needs of our customers. Our diverse fleet percentage is carefully balanced to provide optimal solutions for different transportation requirements.

Utilizing project44

As part of our commitment to utilizing advanced technologies, we are proud to be integrated with project44. This integration enhances our capabilities and enables seamless visibility and connectivity across the supply chain. With Kirsch and project44, you’re always “in the know” about your shipments, every step of the way.

Core Competencies:

With our extensive experience in the logistics industry, combined with our certifications, awards, and expertise in hauling various commodities, Kirsch Transportation excels in providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to our customers. Our core competencies include:

  • Dry van, open deck, and reefer transportation services
  • Handling diverse commodities, including grocery products and oil/gas
  • Maintaining a versatile fleet to accommodate various freight requirements
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as project44 for enhanced visibility and


At Kirsch Transportation, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, building long-term partnerships, and consistently exceeding customer expectations. By leveraging our expertise and capabilities in these areas, Kirsch Transportation is well-equipped to meet and exceed the logistics needs of our customers.